Tuesday, March 24, 2009

china block the you tube site

China is reported to have blocked the YouTube video-sharing website because it has been carrying video of soldiers beating monks and other Tibetans.

south africa won the race from england...

* Lalit Modi, who is set to confirm the switch at South Africa following talks with Cricket South Africa officials.

*The tournament, which will feature 59 matches across six venues, will start a week later than planned, running from 18 April to 24 May.these are the some changes of dates.

*Matches are scheduled to be played in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and East London.total venue are six. this is a big problem to manage.

*south africa won the race from england. They have clearly provided the Indians with the sort of guarantees they were after.the weather of south africa also helped him. The weather was a factor, the South African government came in in a very strong way. With a lot of spectators expected to move around, issues like visas are also crucial and all of that has played a part.

*The decision is a major gain for South Africa, who will enjoy the financial benefits of hosting such a high-profile tournament as well as underline their readiness to host the football World Cup in 2010.

*BCCI had no choice but to move the event because India's government could not guarantee safety and security resources, with national elections happening at the same time.

*Weather could be a problem. Moreover because of the London Marathon (26 April) there could be a problem finding hotel rooms for some days.

*There are other factors that render South Africa a more attractive option, including television timings - South Africa is closer to India in terms of time zones - while the cost of holding the tournament is reportedly cheaper in the African nation.so africa would be clearly first choice.

Friday, March 20, 2009

slumdog millionaire...

Really slumdog millionire creats the history in oscar award. but slum is a reallity in india. It is no secret that much of Slumdog is meant to reflect life in Dharavi, the 213-hectare spread of slums in the heart of Mumbai. award winner are here...